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de 15 aÑos en pennsylvania sorprendiÓ a una banda de ladrones que funciona en su hogar. los delincuentes decidieron secuestrar al adolescente que tuvo que llamar a su familia para entregar el dinero y las joyas. los responsables siguen prÓfugos. >> estÁ vivo de milagro un investigador que pasÓ dos semanas en el fondo de unas cuevas mÁs profundos en alemania el cientÍficos sufriÓ una herida y los socorristas premiaron detallamente el operativo para traerlo de vuelta a la superficie, le contemos que ha causado furor la foto de un sexy recluso en la pÁgina de facebook de la policÍa en una ciudad de california tuvo mÁs de 23.000 likes sobre la imagen estÉ detenido. este delincuente no es ningÚn angelito fue arrestado junto a tres cÓmplices por su participación de los hijos robos. >> con miles de seguidores como testigos y otros que lo quieren tanto se llevÓ acabó la proclamaciÓn e felipe vi, el nuevo monarca saliÓ al balcón donde se recibido con aplausos y gritos. paloma domÍnguez nos tienen mÁs. >> madrid engalanado bajo el dispositivo seguridad de casi 7 mi
up in scranton in pennsylvania don't see their kids running away trying to find a job somewhere? that the black kid in northville in the old irish neighborhood where i grew up has a job prospect he can see coming when he's in his teens. he has an uncle who is working so he knows the job he would like to get. to restore the hope of a meaningful family building employment that seems to be gone in so much of the country? how do you bring it back? >> well, this isn't magic. we know how to do this. we did this for nearly half a century. coming out of the great depression. until about 1980. we made the investments together that helped build opportunity for all of us. i will start with education. we made those investments in education. one of the things i talk about in the book. i went to a commuter college that cost $50 a semester. you know, it opened a million doorses for me. how could i go to a school that cost $50 a semester? i grew up in an america that said we collectively, all of us, are going to make investments in education so any kid who works hard, who's playing by the rules
we are back with congressman scott. republican of pennsylvania who said some homeland security panel and an iraq war veteran. thank you for coming here and talking to our viewers. let me begin with what we are hearing from the military up on capitol hill yesterday. you have the defense secretary chuck hagel and gentle -- general dempsey say it's complicated. airstrikes, that kind of strategy is fraught with complications. >> guest: it's fraught with competition. i'm a helicopter pilot but people and things that are up in the air can end up on the ground very quickly and that really complicates the issue. even our technology were to end up on the ground and we saw what happened in iran and they have the technology and that is compromised and how do you deal with that? all of this is very complicated and a travesty for many of us who served in the country. how are we at this place with so many of us saw it coming when so many of us saw it coming and raised her hand. let's not let this happen. let's do something before this occurs. but secure the gains that we have. 4500 souls gone. it
in pennsylvania that decided not to appeal when they struck down gay marriage. in washington there was one republican member of congress who appeared four or five, ten years ago who would have been more. so i think lgbt activists are cautiously pleased d.p.s. see this as a winning issue and republicans no longer seem to want to go to the mat to fight about it. >> woodruff: interesting changes. david crary, edward-isaac dovere, we thank you both. >> thank you. >> ifill: and finally tonight, an extraordinary honor for an extraordinary deed. jeffrey brown has our story. >> reporter: by november, 2010, u.s. marines were nine months into the first big push of president obama's afghan surge to re-take marjah, a taliban- held district of southern helmand province. lance corporal kyle carpenter was 21, part of "f" company, 2nd battalion, 9th marines. >> we were tasked with pushing south into an enemy stronghold territory and it was pretty simple. i mean, we were just tasked with taking over a new compound. >> reporter: but things didn't quite go that easily, right? the enemy was getting closer and
are optimistic it could be law. >> we are working hard to help educate other members, here in the pennsylvania general assembly and educate them on this very important issue, and my goal is and i do believe we have votes to get it finished. >> reporter: back here in philadelphia new citation law is scheduled to take effect in three months. live outside city hall, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what are your thoughts on council's move today, connect with us on the cbs philly facebook page, and tweet us at cbs philly. >> afternoon showers moved through, so what can we expect as we head in the evening a lot of people asking that question. meteorologist kate bilo joins with us answerness her first forecast, kate. >> if you look outside you can see things have gotten better, we are seeing sunshine across the area as showers move to the south. you can see clear skies and much lower humidity, dry air, filtering in to the north. we are seeing sunshine in the poconos and lehigh valley. worst of it is off to the south, in fact, that is where severe thunderstorm watch and a number of severe thu
pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware have laws legalizing recreational use of marijuana. new jersey does allow medical marijuana and so does delaware, beginning july 1st. in pennsylvania, medical marijuana is not legal yet but lawmakers are considering a change. the only states that allow marijuana for recreational use, colorado and washington. >>> some good news today for the financially strapped philadelphia school district. if i recall city council decide to bore roads 57 million to help avert up to 800 layoffs and program cuts. today, council passed a bill to borrow $27 million of that money, another 30 million will come in the fall. >>> right now, the school district is facing a $216 million budget deficit. $120 million was already approved by city council but left a $96 million gap. >> share one singular goal, to give our students the education they are entitled to as a fundamental right of this city. >> councilwoman brondle reynolds brown who introduced the borough bills says she is still hoping for help from harrisburg in the form of a cigarette tax to go to schools. >>> school distri
'mon! (announcer) ready for a little fun? you could scratch your way to instant winning. play the pennsylvania lottery's new instant game, $1,000 frenzy, with 8 top prizes of $300,000. it's kinda fun to make a splash. keep on scratchin'. >>> he remains in the hop following the accident on june 7th that killed his friend and mentor, james mcnair. the driver of the truck, kevin roper was going 65 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone, it was reduced because of construction, he pled not guilty to assault by auto and relick lar homicide charges. >>> that is the word from the new report from penn environment. it's second in the country for the direct release of toxic substances and the report did not include fracking chemicals that may be getting into the water upstream. >>> police detective mike braxton got a warm reception coming back to work. he lost his leg in a motorcycle crash. he put in a lot of work getting used to the prosthetic leg. >>> the wizard world of comic-convention or comic-con came to the contention hall in philadelphia. and amy buckman was there today. >> reporter: you neve
was driving the truck for wal*mart from a store in bristol, pennsylvania. the truck plowed into morgan's limo van. morgan is still hospitalized tonight in fair condition with a broken leg and other injuries. >>> happening now arrest after a series of armed robberies at 7elevens much the robberies happened in camden and burlington counties, ton night authorities believe they have their man. fox 29's dave schratwieser live outside the september 11 where cops say it all started. dave? >> reporter: iain, one suspect behind bars. two more on the run but police say they're closing in tonight investigators tell us that traffic tickets and some good detective work crack this case. >> this is what we. to. >> reporter: that's how detectives described the way they track down the lead suspect in a crew of armed robbers that have been on a tear in south jersey for months now. targeting 7eleven stores for cash and cartons of cigarettes almost weekly. >> we believe that we have the ringleader of this. there are two more individuals that we are looking at. >> reporter: police say this is 31 year old charles
to create an opportunity for them to live i the american dream. >> former pennsylvania senator and presidential candidate, rick santorum argues the working americans have been abandoned by both political parties and offers conservative saturday night at 10:00 eastern on "afterwards" fpart of booktv on c-span2. this month on our online book club, we're discussing amity shlaes' "the forgotten man." discuss the book in our chat room at booktv.org. booktv. television for serious readers. >>> this weekend, american history tv is live from the gettysburg college civil war institute. saturday morning starting at 8:45 eastern. you'll hear historian peter carmichael on robert e. lee followed by arizona state university professor brooks simpson on ulysses s. grant. later, historian megan kate nelson on the burning of chambersburg. this weekend on american history tv on c-span3. >>> federal reserve chair janet yellen on wednesday expressed confidence that the economic recovery was largely on track and that the fed would be able to begin raising interest rates next year. she spoke at a new
the actions are part of the broader trend across pennsylvania, to lessen marijuana laws. hear of one lawmakers's push to legalize medical marijuana use in the keystone state. live outside city hall, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >>> what do you think about this marijuana vote in city council, connect with us and, join the conversation, you can post your comments on the cbs philly facebook page, or you can shoot us a tweet at cbs philly. >> turning to the other story that has people talking to day that would be the weather, we're still tracking showers moving through the area now, meteorologist kate bilo joins us from the weather center with the very latest, kate. >> i don't know about you but i was woken up in the middle of the night with those storms that passed through severe storms, lots of lightening and we will go back and look at damage reports here in a minute but first let's show what you is happening right now. good news is that the the clouds came in, temperatures cooled off and air stabilized enough that this front as it is pushing south has in the been bringing any severe w
in smoke. >> the effortso contain a massive fire at a pennsylvania recyclin facili. >ging i fornehourr works hout r coittenseat r f badval. o hrs autir with small amount of marijuana? a bill just passed through city council calling for just that. that story coming up at 6:00. male announcer: commemorate the war of 1812 bicentennial and join our traveling celebration as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit starspangled200.com. presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. male announcer: during the 150th anniversary of the war between the states. order our civil war trails guides at visitmaryland.org and download our new civil war mobile app. maryland. land of history. >>> nbc 10 first alert weather watching the skies with a chance of showers and storms tonight, as we look live at route 13 of the dover downs entrance where thousands of concert gears are gathering for the fire fly music festival. now to the latest on that storm threat. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen is back now in the weather center with information you need t
of the museum. former pennsylvania governor, ed rendell who helped choose the site was part of the check presentation. from our delaware newsroom a surprise from a woman that was about to board a flight from wilmington airport today. she was recognized as the 200,000 and passenger to fly from the airport on frontier. canaly lombard is visiting family and she receive aid $500 gift card and >>> it's a bit of a wet day, the weather is improving and we are clearing out from the north to the south. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing a concentration of showers over south jersey right now, from tuckahoe, mays landing and millville, they are all moving to the south and east, a drier air begins to move in from the north and this is clearing us out tonight. this brings sunshine today, with the clouds and thunderstorms, we were in the 90s and now 72 in millville and wilmington 72 and sea isle city 73 degrees, a bit of a tradeoff, we had the sunshine and heat yesterday and today the clouds and showers and much cooler. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the boundary that moved through t
. roam per was driving the truck for wal*mart from a store in bristol, pennsylvania. >>> and here's a new look at the damage from the crash. this is what the truck looked like. the front completely crushed. and the van carrying morgan and the other victims destroyed. morgan is still in the hospital tonight in fair condition with a broken leg and other injuries. >> a montgomery county man pleads guilty to indecent exposure and harassment with cheese. a judge sense 10ed 42 year old christopher pagano to eight years of sex offender probation. police say in several of the cases he placed cheese on his genitals while exposing himself to women in philadelphia. as part of his sentence he's been ordered to stay away from his victims. pagano must also attend treatment programly. big child porn sweep in berks county today. 13 people facing charges. police say the suspects are accused of possessing child porn and spreading it to other people. they range in age from 17 to 65. today's round up is as a result of an 18 month investigation. >> any individuals who are involved in the possession or dissemi
's willow grove, pennsylvania. and this is colin on the democrats' line. go ahead. caller: yes, i honestly believe we kind of just got a worm for a worm or snake for a snake. i don't know too much about these two guys but i think republicans are just liars and really they don't know what the american people want. they aren't working for the american people. i think we need to start doing what the american people want and republicans really are not for that. >> let's hear from our republican line, from jordan, minnesota. terry, hello. caller: hi, thank you for taking my call. i had actually called earlier today to find out how john kline, congressman was going to vote and they couldn't tell me. they said they were deliberating or something. >> you called his office? >> yes, earlier and got the run-around. i called after to find out how he was voting, how he did vote and they gave me the run-around. yeah, i have actually been a delegate to the state of minnesota republican convention. >> right. caller: i had signs of john kline in front of my yard many times. but don't know how john voted bu
. to fill the additional $40 million needed, council is hopeble the pennsylvania legislature approves a $2 a pack cigarette tax. >>> this just into nbc 10, a center city funeral director accused of steal morgue than $300,000 from an elderly victim speaks out today through his lawyer. nbc 10 in center city, where antoine tower's lawyer denied the allegations and said a detective assigned to the case has a conflict of interest because she's married to the owner of a competing funeral home. tower is accused of stealing the money from an 89-year-old neighbor over the course of four years. >>> a man accused of exposing himself to women and then propositioning them with swiss cheese will not spend any time in jail. christopher pagan know pled guilty in court to indecent exposure and harassment. the norristown man was sentenced to eight years' pro-bakes. pagan know was photographed with a piece of swiss cheese during one of the encounters. inig theidents to place in several neighborhoods as well as montgomery county. >>> a vote today on whether to get rid of the office of medical examiner. it was
the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania eek recognition? the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the situation unfolding in iraq is a tragedy. almost 4,500 fellow americans made the ultimate sacrifice in iraq defending our freedom and fighting oppression and tyranny. more than 3,2 -- 32,000 men and women who served our country in iraq bear the wounds of war and all who served had extraordinary pressures put on their families. unless you have lived it, one cannot begin to know the pain experienced by the families of the fallen and the wounded. our men and women in uniform fought for an ideal. that ideal is freedom. the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, the freedom to assemble and vote and make one's voice heard, freedom like those we have right here in this chamber. that ideal will never die. during these difficult days, mr. speaker, let us make sure we are mindful of the sacrifice of so many and let us always rally to the families of the fallen and stand in solidarity with all of our veterans. thank you. the sp
of pennsylvania health system to our network of care. for a medicare advantage plan that gives you all the healthcare coverage, quality and choice you need, call 1-877-gateway. medicare assured from gateway health, a better way. >>> karen here now with accuweather, not as hot today but still kind of humid. >> it's sticky. >> bad hair day. >> you too thanks rick. >> this evening will be a good hair night for everybody. it will be less humid. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see we are not dealing with anything heavy but spotty showers here or there. kind of popping up through the region, can i go tighter on this with stormtracker 6 live double scan with our street view, more sustained showers north of the city along 309 and 422 in pottstown and 222 all wet roadways right now. lets head outside and show you what it looks like, lets go to cape may, and be careful. we anticipate miles per hours and maybe a thunderstorm or two. seagulls are flying by. 78 degrees, the temperature is way down from yesterday and much cooler, the dew point is dropping through the day and any
to ask more questions. this time is the gentleman from pennsylvania, the manager of the democratic baseball team mr. doyle for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mc, miss mccabe. pennsylvania generates a significant amount of our electricity from coal. over the last few years, we've seen several coal plants retired in pennsylvania to be in compliance with the map standard. i heard this type of early action will be acknowledged and epa officials said on a recent conference call that it's their intent to credit plant retirements forced by the mat's rule. how will states and generators get credit for plants they retire or will retire between 2012 and the final rule? >> so anything that a state does that reduces the amount, the carbon intensity of the generation in the state will be eligible to be part of their plan. so if a state is closing a coal plant for whatever reason, and there are many reasons why coal plants are being closed around the country, if that power is replaced with either lower carbon, natural gas or zero carbon, renewables, or not as much generation is needed
of then governor harry hughes in maryland, working with the governors of pennsylvania, the governors of delaware, expanded to include the states of new york and west virginia and virginia, of course -- worked together to establish the chesapeake bay program. it was -- they understood that for it to be successful, they had to deal with storm runoff, development issues -- no question about it; the hardeninged surface, the loss of land cause the pollutant that are in the soil, in the environment through surges to rush into our streams and rivers and into the chesapeake bay and we have to do a better job in development in dealing with storm runoff. it also recognized the responsibility of local governments. they are the primary entity responsible for how we treat our waste, through the wastewater treatment facility plants, how we can do a better job in preventing pollutants from entering our water system. we also dealt with business growth and pollution coming in through pollution activities. but one of the major focal point was how do we deal with agriculture. in one sense, agriculture is very posi
ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> look at this guy. this dog in pennsylvania is seeing his family for the first time but not because he was just adopted. stuffy the irish terrier, used to be blind because of diabetes. well his vision was restored by an operation, and he and his family are happily recovering at home today. >> look at his tail guys. look how quickly his tail is going. he's so happy. >> he's so happy. ah. >> all right. nice. >> we love dogs don't we? >> yep. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour a pink flip for the controversial founder of the cutting edge clothing chain. the president and chairman and ceo started the company in his college boardroom. we'll show you why the board of directors wants him out. >>> plus lucily picked up a golf club for the first time in 2010. she was 7 at the time. this morning she's playing in the u.s. women's golf open. >>> house republicans chose their -- choose their new leaders today. california's kevin mccarthy is expected to succeed eric cantor as majority leader, but the next h
study from 2008. >> right, the smaller study was a little genetic study in the amish in pennsylvania, and it had the provocative result that people who had this variation in the gene had much lower triglis ride triglycerides. the question do they have anything to do with heart diseases? 'difficult. we know about ldl, the bad cholesterol so-called but we don't know about triglycerides. the big takeaways from the study, the miuations in the gene have much lower triglyceride levels and lower heart attack restin restings. that links low race to glis rides to low heart attack risk and the mutations all seem to be mutations that destroyed function of the genes. if you had a drug that blocked the protein that the gene encodes a drug would mimic the genetic effect and reduce the imassistance of heart attack. the other important point there are two independent studies, one done in denmark, one across the united states, they have pretty much the same result and that makes it much more believable. >> you know what i was thinking when i read this, it's one thing to find this and that is fantasti
%, louisiana 50%, florida 48%, pennsylvania 25%, arizona 45%, oklahoma 40%, illinois 20%, new york, 49%. alabama 24%, arkansas 46%. what's glaring about this list, and that's the top 10 states, the state with the greatest population base and the state with the largest environmental problems, at least in the los angeles basin, the golden gate state of california is not even on the top 10 list. and they're the number one state in terms of population. so i could go on and on, mr. chairman, but i've only got 29 seconds. simply, let me say that we have great respect for the epa. i voted for the clean air act amendments in the early '90s. this proposal does not comport with my understanding of what the clean air act amendments were when we passed them in this committee over 20 years ago. with that, i would yield back to the chairman. >> the gentleman yields back, and at this time recognize the gentleman from chicago, ranking member mr. rush, for his five-minute opening >> i want to thank you, mr. chairman, for this important hearing on the epa's clean power rules. as part of president obama'
will be there. general martin dempsey will be there as well. senate republicans on pennsylvania avenue are slamming the administration foreign-policy expressing major concerns about what is happening in afghanistan. >> uart is drawing the lines of defenses that exist. the afghan people are willing to have us stay there in enough numbers to protect them and us. mr. president, before it is too late, change your policies in afghanistan. don't take this country back to a pre-9/11 mentality where you read them their rights, we're letting our defense is the road all over the world, enemies involved with our friends are afraid. bill: the democrat from maryland is back with us today. how are you? >> i am good, bill. bill: would you support airstrikes of the president ordered them? >> i don't think the president made a case for airstrikes. i would want to listen to whatever rationale he proposed. we have to be very careful to make sure any u.s. engagement is not seen as taking sides in the shiite-sunni civil war, but rather whatever we do needs to be on the idea of a unified iraq. the problem i
, a pennsylvania based company i'm wearing a hat, new york based company they do really great stylish women's hats. this is a hat, they are a railable at i goldberg. interesting thing about this it has a little rim on the back. so if you are at a beach all day, and you have sun protection. >> what about close k nit hats. >> a hat that a tight lead. >> like this one. >> yes, something with a tight weaves that will protect you from the sun. you also want to look obviously, vibrant is key. oning like a baseball hat doesn't offer proper amount of protection. >> is this light brim the one you have on right now. >> that is a high brim. all of the hats that they make are sun protection hats. >> within of the thing you contact than look for which you will find on these hang tags is a upf logo, so that provides just like sun screen, spf50, fabrics are rated upf50. really good thing to look for. >> with a hat like this you catch it down, no sun will get in there. >> with a big brim like you have on you can protect your chest from damage as well. >> your ears, shoulders, everything. >> great way to protect y
they have in trying to create an opportunity for them to live the american dream. >> former pennsylvania senator and presidential candidate rick santorum argues that working members have been abandoned by their political parties. saturday night at 10 eastern on "after words," part of booktv this weekend on c-span2. and this month on our online book club, we're discussing amity shlaes, "the forgotten man." start reading and join others to discuss the book in our chat room at booktv.org. booktv, television for serious readers. >> federal reserve janet yellen expressed confidence that the economic recovery was largely on track which would allow the fed to begin raising interest rates next year. she spoke at a news conference following two days of meetings of its federal open market committee. her remarks are about an hour. [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon. there are the federal open market committee concluded its june meeting earlier today. as was indicated in our policy statement, the committee decided to make another modest reduction in the pace of its purchases of longer term
.org. >> washington journal continues. host: we are back with scott perry, republican of pennsylvania who sits on the homeland security committee. thank you for coming here and talking to our viewers. let's begin with what we are hearing from the military up on capitol hill yesterday. and general dempsey saying it's couple kid. -- it is fraught with complications. guest: it is fraught with complications. i'm a helicopter pilot. things up in the air can end up on the ground very quickly and that really complicates the issue. even our technology, if one of the drones were to end up on the ground -- we saw that happen in iran and they got the technology is compromised.e from ic the tragedy for many of us who served in countries is, how are we at this place when so many of us saw it coming? let's do something before this occurs. have.secure the gains we now, it looks like that is all for nothing. 4500 souls gone. their sacrifice for the person next to them is meaningful. it absolutely appropriate. but, for the greater mission of securing that region and the world, all gone, like that. host: who is
and new england. wet roads from western pennsylvania to the mid-atlantic coast, also slick at times from the ohio valley to kansas. and thunderstorms make for a slippery ride along the gulf coast. >>> and if you're flying today, weather-related airport delays are expected in minneapolis and kansas city. >>> the management of the washington redskins is wasting no time fighting a ruling by the u.s. patent office. the team is appealing a decision that calls the redskins' name "disparaging of native americans." >> the patent office also says the team should be stripped of its trademark protection, which could potentially enable anyone to make and sell redskins merchandise. the court fight over the redskins' name could take years. the team's owner has vowed to never change the name. >>> a case of school yard bullying is going to court. an illinois mom and dad have filed a lawsuit on behalf of their fourth grade son against a classmate who they say bullied him all year. the school also names the school district, the principal and the boy's parents. the family says the attacks escalated from sp
pennsylvania. we have high winds. we have rain of course and even some higher elevations note to do with three steps on to be causing some problems for that part of the country. if you happen to have travel plans with day flights heading anywhere there a call ahead you may hoss if to take a look at our mount tam cam we will see exactly that. the good news is the murray let's not all that deep. meaning to liking of the east bay hills santa are endless alleys. so it's basically just confined to the peninsula. here's where temperatures are at the moment san francisco 5654 no plan 54 in san jose ever was pretty much in the mid '50s. the only exception in santa rosa where there of the upper '40's. but no surprise there. afternoon highs three or going to get all sorts of the 90 degree mark don't think we're going to hit in as many places as yesterday after it slid for march 88. in '81. all those temperatures are good. 65 will be the expected temperature and will reach the san francisco area. a 71 oakland the upper seventies to very low 80s in the north of a parrot fishes of their around the bay fore
road and the pennsylvania turnpike is 28 miles per hour by willow grove. expect slowing in dover because of firefly music festival this weekend, matt o'donnell they have closed exits 104 and 98 they want everybody to go to 95 to get to that festival. >>> live picture on sky 6. our flirtation with the 90s has proved to be brief. >> reporter: that's right, matt it's cooler, but sticky. it's 74 degrees in philadelphia. 75 in millville. the low 70s right in the lehigh valley. we're heading up to 84 today so back towards the average no 90s today. lots of cloud cover, sunny breaks here and there, showers in spots, especially later on this afternoon. later tonight we're dry and we clear out it's refreshing, tomorrow, less humid, partly sunny, 84. saturday, spotty showers and 77 especially along the coast at the shore you might get showers, matt. >> two homes in the area were struck by lightning in the overnight storms. the wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay noth
pennsylvania, central pennsylvania. that's wet weather that is moving into yoour area this afternoon. temperatures slowly climbing. northeast philly at 74 along with wilmington. clouds over philadelphia. we will see showers return this afternoon and a potential for strong thunderstorms, especially in delaware and south jersey. >> thank you, bill. >>> let's get a check of downed wires with jillion mele. >> we're following downed wires right now. swamped road and use caution around 71st street. this is eastbound and you'll notice speeds averaging 28 miles cl cy avenue, this is e get the westbound side that line of red. 8 miles per hour is the average speed right at city eavenue. we're dealing with some heavy volume on 76, 95 and 422 eastbound is at a crawl as you can see on trooper road. >>> today the annual firefly festival gets under way. last night people setting up camp at dover international speedway. 80,000 fans are expected for this four-day event. the lineup includes foo fighters, outkast and more than 100 others performing on several stages. back in 25 minutes with more news.
like i had two heads, like say what? so just to recap, the pep pennsylvania turnpike pike, swarm every bees, some 40,000 bees created quite the buzz on the turnpike. >> oh, my. >> massive swarm, honey bees, gathered on the lights at the valley forge interchange toll plaza. the bee keeper armed with brush and suit collected the queen. so then the rest of the bees would just follow her away. look at that. while most of the beats are gone, some might hang around a little bit, but nothing like yesterday's event. >> i'm aids ma dollars -- amazed, one, intrepid enough to do this and, identify where the queen bee actually is. >> it is a skill. karen hepp in the news room with a look at other top stories from this morning. get us to up date, karen? >> lots going on, 15 year old boy so lucky to be safe this morning after very terrifying experience in northeast philadelphia. he was abducted, also a home invasion, so let's explain, he was just walking home when three armed men abducted him and took him to his house, and that's where they tied up his whole family, and robbed them of a lot of money
into town? >> we flew into pennsylvania two days ago and i always wanted to come to new york, grew up montana, not a whole lot of this going on there. we thought we'd come here and check it out. >> why brian out of all the fox personalities? >> he always seems to be the funniest. no offense to the other two. but he's got a sense of humor. >> he's pretty witty. >> yeah. >> okay. so he is headed out here. what are you thinking of saying to brian when you meet him? >> i hope he gives me a big hug. that's number one. shakes my hand. i'm not sure yet actually. i didn't think this would work. >> maria, have him turn around. >> here comes brian. >> this is the first time they're meeting. >> he wants a big hug. >> i would like to give you a photo of me. >> give him a hug. >> nice to meet you, brian. >> not a handshake. a hug. >> and you can hug maria. that's more fun. >> hugs all around! >> come on over here. >> brian kilmeade, take your new friend down to wendy's for breakfast. >> why not? >> come on over here. >>> coming up on crazy thursday -- >> i need a hug. better. >> coming up, gas pri
and a new round crossed over pennsylvania turn border. it has started to fizzle somewhat but we have to get that through before we can say we're in the clear. that will happen later tonight. mid 80's expect today and tomorrow but totally different days. still steamy with the unsettled weather today, later tonight more comfortable. tomorrow is the same but still warm, it just feels so much nicer. got to throw in the shower or storm chance on saturday. sunday is probably dry for most of us and we are expecting high to hit 84 degrees. hey guys, it is orr at the shore time. join kathy today in atlantic city. you can see it this evening at 5:00 and 6:00. bob, over to you. >>> good morning, live look at route 202 in the construction zone, roads are damp this morning from the rain soaking, that we received last night. starting to see volume i am bound on the schuykill expressway past our camera here at montgomery drive. lets run down the accidents east on 422, good news, one lane is opened but backup that begins here jammo at route one hundred heading through pottstown. crash on berlin cross keys
the ohio valley into western pennsylvania. expect those to arrive this afternoon. but the threat of thunderstorms is much lower for this afternoon. and before those storms get here, we will see some breaks in the clouds. this afternoon, there's the wet weather. you can see the kind of movement into philadelphia. so steadier rainfall for allentown and reading this afternoon. and a spotty shower, too, during the later afternoon hours for philadelphia. then watch what happens. clearing skies tonight. whoa, it's going to feel so much better by late this evening. and tomorrow, a beautiful day ahead. a dramatic change in the weather. so the forecast for today is calling for clouds to break. we'll see some scattered showers this afternoon with just an outside chance of a thunderstorm later today. high temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s today. tomorrow, a beauty. low humidity. 83 degrees the high temperature. it's saturday, we'll see a chance of a shower but then a turn for the nice once again for sunday and monday. a bit warmer tuesday. >> all right. 9 minutes before 7:00. it's be
expected to appear the show runs through sunday at the pennsylvania convention center. maybe you'll camp me in my wonder woman gear. >> my favorite. >> reporter: i will be there at noon signing autographs. >> i had a under rely -- under roos as a kid. >> reporter: different image. we had showers off the coastline, showers up to the north. as we go in tighter there's showers popping up from the south and west heading toward baltimore, we wouldn't expect a shower to pop through, but that cluster of organized storms is out of here, as well. let's go outside, sky6 live hd looking at the ben franklin bridge, lots of clouds we're seeing breaks here and there trying to get sunshine rolling in right now. that's the way the day will look, lots of clouds and sunny breaks. 73 degrees, it feels better temperature-wise, but the humidity is way up there, 68 degrees. the winds west southwest at 7 miles per hour. temperature profile, 73 in the city, low 70s in the lehigh valley. 07 in millville. 68 in atlantic city. satellite and radar showing the heavy storms moved through, we're left with lots of cloud
in center sit. >> i still ahead, scary site in the pennsylvania turnpike bees swarm toll plaza forcing workers to take cover. why they could stick around those bees for days. >> and: >> they saved my boy. >> yes, they saved three year old boy after he went into respiratory distress. how the boy and his family are judge vicious tornado, ripped through the heart of west innings ton springs last night. at least one injury was reported but officials say, everyone else is accounted for. there is damage to businesses, and homes, city spokesperson says, about dozen homes, in fact, are destroyed. >> just has to learn thunder won't hurt him. but he just doesn't like it, so we handed up in the basement. i'm sure he's sleeping soundsly now after tiring himself out. >> before today's forecast, economic yesterday. seconds day in the nine #'s for a loft us, in fact, got to 90 in bethlehem, allentown, did not make the record, though, in philadelphia. it ended up being 94 degrees, the records from 1957, still stands at 96, for yesterday's date, june 18th. 994 chester, 93 bensalem, at the shore, regist
a investigation into several pennsylvania lawmakers suspected of accepting illegal pay offs, grand jury will look in the allegations against democratic state representative ron waters, vanessa lowery brown, michelle brownly and louise williams bishop. also a former traffic judge thomassin tynes. last month kathleen kane, also a democrat, dropped the case, claiming it was flawed but d.a. seth williams says the evidence is convincing. >> i won't allow this case to just disappear, there has to be accountability. i would not be standing here before you today if i thought there was a reason not to put this before a grand jury. >> in of the five faces any criminal charges. williams revealed a grand jury may well be looking at others. >> your time right now 5:35, in business news a new music source without commercials. >> and some overnight trouble for facebook money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, fed chair janet yellin says the u.s. economy still isn't healthy enough to grow at a consistently strong pace without help fr
down on speeders along the pennsylvania turnpike. [ sirens ] >> we'll explain why the traffic tickets are personal for those who work the toll road. >>> and see the sneaky way they're catching drivers in the act. >>> and west nile virus strikes camden county. a lot of them tested positive for the virus. they need your help. bill? >> lightning strikes overnight with severe weather that rolled through and purchased offshore. that's a live view of cape may. still clouds overhead. here at nbc10, 73 degrees at 5:37. >>> storms came through overnight, and we're still tracking some showers in the area. and it's likely that we'll see more wet weather this afternoon. possibly even another thunderstorm. but the threat of severe weather has pushed offshore with the storms that came through overnight. not only a break in the heat, not only this morning, but this afternoon, it will be much milder than we saw yesterday. clouds over mt. pocono. 64 degrees. clouds are breaking in trenton. 69 degrees in dover. 72 degrees right now, you see the cloudy view from lake wallenpaupa wallenpaupack. the rest
deptford where lightning may have caused a fire. >> reporter: in west deptford and new pennsylvania, there's suspicious fires like this one on will i understand drive, the firefighters were called out around 3:00 a.m. the fire was under control in a half-hour. in wilmington you can see the downpours on french street and mlk boulevard. sheets of heavy rain, lightning streaking across the sky. lightning lit up penns landing, the winds picked up, the rain was heavy, cars were splashing through the water by delaware avenue and noble street. drivers saying the storm seemed to come out of nowhere. they had to reduce is their speeds because the driving conditions were so poor. here in west deptford, lightning being the cause of an attic fire where the storms rolled through. coming up at 3:00 a.m. we'll tell you about the possible lightning strikes in bucks county and the damage they have caused there. >> the search continues for the shooter who gunned down a man in southwest philadelphia. police found the victim lying dead in the middle of south 60th street with a single gunshot to the back of t
recognizes gentleman from pennsylvania. mr. perry for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman and i want to thank each of you gentleman -- gentlemen for your service. as certainly mr. andrews, i want to let you know as someone who's worn the uniform that many americans feel like the actions by the administration and the president have diminished your son's service and your and his sacrifice and i'll let you know that i'm in that opinion but i also want to let you know that he's done a great thing for the men that he served with and the ones that are particularly alive because of his actions and a very grateful nation so i want to thank you for your sacrifice as well. mr. jacobson, you keep saying the end of the war regarding prisoner swaps. m just wondering, ha the taliban stated that they consider the war to be coming to a close? referring man, i was to the end of conflict in the second world war and korea. >> so the paradigm is not the same as my point. we plight be drawing down. by -- but the taliban, as far as you know, aring this -- they going to referring to continue to fight? >> w
, pennsylvania to newark to las vegas and back again that could add more than $30 in tsa fees if connecting times between flights are greater than four hours. the new fees will raise almost $17 billion more than the current fees over the next decade. here is why the tsa plan is, you might say, hitting a lot of turbulence. that extra money will be used to lower the deficit. only a portion of that extra money will fund tsa operations. fasten your seat belts. heather? >> adam shapiro thank you very much. do you ever just stress out? >> would you take a second and take the sticks out of your head and maybe you would see i am a person who has feelings and all i have to do is do what i want to do. >> stress may not be from the brain. a stressful lifestyle and stressful job could hurt your short term memory because there's a hormone that increases when you are stressed out. it can lead to memory lapses especially as you age. >> it is time for your 5 at 5. >> here are five things you should buy dark chock let hardens enamel to stop staining from your teeth. strawberries actually cleans stains off your te
live, expect puddles and damp roadways, live look at route 309 near the pennsylvania turnpike, you can ian example of the wet roads from the overhead, lights there as the turnpike overpass comes through, the schuylkill expressway, no problems or delays coming in or out of the city but watching on the on and off ramps, they are all still wet from the big soaking we received overnight. westbound on the schuylkill, we are at a disable tractor trailer kind of of in the middle of the merge there, so just be careful heading westbound this morning. south jersey waking up with in problems on the major roadways, airport, maybe first couple flights could be delays, but as that storm moves off to the coast and moving in new york we could see delays for the first couple flights out of the gate. regional rails had big problems last night because of the heat. we reset the clock and will restart everything this morning with no delays on the buses, trains or trolleys, natasha, back over to you. >>> new this morning a 23 year-old man was shot four times in the the 3300 block of west cumberland street i
and the pennsylvania public ewe silt commission. >>> today, a trial is scheduled to start for a man accused of exposing himself to women and propositioning them with swiss cheese. this is christopher pagano the man charged with harassment. here's a picture of pagano with a piece of swiss during one of those encounters. police say it took place in philadelphia neighborhoods, as well as montgomery county. >>> this morning, police are looking for three suspects who pulled off a kidnapping and robbery. investigators say two men took this 15-year-old hostage while walking home from school in the bustleton section. they called his parents, demands their valuables. they went to the house, with the parents there, they tied up the parents and got away with tens of thousands in cash and jewelry. >> as soon as they left, they tied me up, and i got my keys and i left, i followed them, and i chased those guys. >> now, eventually, the robbers freed the boy about 15 miles from the family's home in the fairmont neighborhood. the family says the thieves may have taken as much as $30,000 in cash. police say the crooks s
. the traffic traveling king of prussia and the exton areas just fine. restrictions along the pennsylvania turnpike. despite the storms they were working on the westbound side between willow grove and fort washington taking out the right lane. i imagine they will be out there shortly. speeds in the 60s along the turnpike. in falls township we have restrictions along old route 13 between pen valley and mill road because of a deteriorated drainage pipe in the area. the flaggers will be out there helping you out in that area. we have a lot of people out the big firefly music festival. concert starts tonight at 6:00 p.m., extra traffic along 1, and scarborough road. the firefly music festival caused bigger jams than nascar. time for the commuter reports to you by the waze app. we're following nothing along 42, 259, 55 the turnpike looking good at this point. >> president obama is weighing his options on how to respond to the violence and chaos in the iraq. the president met with the senior leadership of both parties in congress all agreed that they do not need further authorization for the st
pennsylvania fighting for his job. lost his job for officiating his son's same sex wedding since being defrocked he has become a voice for the movement of change to the church policy on homosexuals. woe like to get his credentials back. he will be before a panel to argue his punishment was illegal under church law. he said he is hoping for a re-flocking. >> 5:41 the time. let's get to your weather on the one's with sue serio on active morning, sue. >> you may be up little earlier than normal because the thunder woke you up. it happened for a lot of us. couple of hours ago, but now, we're just left with left over showers, and watching this area of rain moving into the pittsburgh area, out of ohio, right now, you see, left with few distributes, drabs, a loft clouds around this morning. but no rain showing up at the moment in philadelphia. just a little bit around the delaware beaches, at the moment, this morning. now, later on today, there is a risk of severe thunderstorms, most of them in delaware, and maybe at the jersey shore, along the delaware bay there, the future cast shows scatte
on pennsylvania's turnpike. 30,000, 40,000 of them. the critters made themselves at home at a tollbooth traffic light. an expert came to the rescue, sweeping the queen into a hive box, if you can believe it. her thousands of subjects eventually followed her there. after a few hours, traffic got moving again. >> all right. look at that. >>> long-time viewers will know we all joked here in the past about bacon. who doesn't like bacon, i love bacon. >> i'm a vegetarian, but new proof, which americans don't like about bacon. we love it. in fact we ate 1 billion servings in the month ending april. >> 6% more than the previous year. the overwhelming majority of the bacon being eaten in the u.s. is pork bacon. other varieties are gaining popularity. too bad you are not into bacon. i am a bacon guy. >> isn't it weird. i actually buy -- is that the bacon, like the fat coming out right now. i have vegetarian bacon. is that weird? >> is that made out of soybeans? >> soy, i think. >> not the real deal. bacon on a donut i had the other day was very good. >> that's gross. that's pretty disgusting. >>> could
, michelle brownly and louise williams bishop and former traffic judge, thomas tynes. last march pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane, also a democrat, dropped the case, claim it was fraud but d.a. seth williams says the evidence is convincing. >> i won't allow you this case just to disappear. there has to be accountability. i would not be standing before you today if i thought there was a reason not to put this before a grand jury none of the five faces any criminal charges right now. d.a. revealed that the grand jury may be looking at others. >>> a teenager charged in the knock out attack on a homeless man in upper darby township is held on hundred thousand dollars bail. the trent epps and three others, video taped the attack in the aronimink trolley station last wednesday. epps surrendered yesterday, and is charged with assault. investigators received dozens of tips after this video was posted on facebook. >> this is a violent, mean spirited act committed for absolutely no reason other than just to be vicious. >> police are still searching for the other three suspects. >>> another
on the pennsylvania turnpike. the highways are looking good. we're not reporting any accidents out there. we're not reporting any flooding on the highways. so we are off to a good start. the drive times on 76 both directions between the blue route and the vine, that's a 15-minute trip. from wood haven and the vine street expressway, about a 14-minute trip in both directions. for drivers in south philadelphia. this is 95 at 495. what you'll notice. you can see the taillights and headlights there. no volume to report on 495. that picks up later in the morning because 495 is still closed between exits 2 and 3. >> happening today, city council will vote on an in order unanimous that downgrades the penalty for marijuana. having a small amount of marijuana, an ounce or less be would be considered a code violation. the fine will be paid to the city just like a speeding ticket. >>> a staid white environmental advocacy group will put out a report on the largest water polluters on the delaware and schuylkill rivers. this is a live look at boathouse row. this is where they plan to release the plan. the
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